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Cleaning Up the Beach with ECO-Warrior James Pribram

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Some people go to church, but James Pribram goes to the ocean.

Being raised on the sandy shores of Pearl Street Beach instilled in him a great appreciation and respect for the ocean; it’s his sanctuary. What started as a childhood love of surfing epic waves, grew into a full time career as a professional surfer traveling the world. Throughout his travels to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, however, Pribram saw a common thread of paradises littered with trash.

Inspired to not just sit back, surf, and let it happen, he sought to do something about it. 5 years ago Pribram founded the ECO-Warrior Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to preserving our oceans and beaches through education, activation, and motivation. Surfing professionally provided Pribram a platform to speak on and he’s since become an avid environmentalist and spokesperson for the ocean — so trust him when he says the ocean needs some serious help.

He’s protested factory mills in Chile for dumping chlorinated water into the sea, sailed across the 5 Gyres, swam with sharks, rescued countless people from rogue waves (and also, sadly enough, lost a few in his arms). If you’ve ever seen The Cove, a documentary film about the killing of thousands of dolphins and small whales in Taiji, Japan, then you may have caught a glimpse of Pribram risking his life to paddle out into the “Killing Cove” to be a voice for marine mammals. The man has done and seen a lot.

“I was doing all this activism work and then one day I got an email that said: ‘This is amazing work you’re doing all around the world, but what about your own backyard?’” shares Pribram.

So he thought to himself — what’s the one thing we can do that doesn’t cost money and brings people together… something people can do every single day, no matter where they are? The answer was as simple as picking up litter.

“It’s not anything fancy, it’s not rocket science. I’m just a glorified trash man,” laughs the change-maker.

To date, Pribram’s ECO-Warrior Foundation has hosted over 45 beach cleanups and collected over 17,000 pounds of litter throughout California. All are welcome to join in on the fun (and are usually supplied with lunch afterwards).

Never one to shy away from hardship, Pribram has experienced his share of hurdles in life, from an intense kidney infection as a child to surviving skin cancer to developing MRSA, a life-threatening waterborne staph infection that seeped into his body after a seemingly regular surf session at Doheny State Beach. (“It changed my way of thinking about the ocean because the ocean was my first love. I had this weird sense of almost betrayal. But then I realized it wasn’t the ocean’s fault… it was our fault.”) Pribram hasn’t let anything stop him from his mission to keep our beloved beaches clean, both near and far.

“I always believe in giving back to what’s given you so much. The ocean has always given me a sense of caring,” Pribram expresses passionately. “It’s been the place I can go and really think about life and what I’m going through.”

Recently, the Eco-Warrior Foundation partnered as a pro-bono client with Davis Elen (one of the largest independently-owned advertising agencies on the west coast) to help amplify the organization’s message. The campaign will focus on efforts to encourage every Californian to live litter-free.

“We'll always be about the work first -- just picking up litter; I’m right there with people picking up trash. We’ll do corporate events and I don’t care where you are on the ladder, you’re picking up litter with us and you’re getting your hands dirty,” he says with a smile.

Pribram is not in this work for fame or glory, he’s in it for his love of the sea. So the next time you’re strolling along the beach and see a piece of trash, you know what to do… pick it up and become an ECO-Warrior!



LOS ANGELES, April 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In celebration of Earth Day today, Davis Elen, one of the largest independently-owned advertising agencies on the West Coast, announced a partnership with the ECO Warrior Foundation, the agency’s most recent pro bono client. ECO Warrior’s mission is simple: to educate, activate and motivate individuals and communities to keep beaches and oceans clean and pollution free. In addition, Davis Elen Co-President and Chief Creative Officer, David Moranville, will take a seat on the ECO Warrior Foundation Board of Directors.

Starting in Davis Elen’s own backyard, the campaign will focus on efforts to encourage every Californian “to live litter free.” The agency will collaborate with the Foundation’s creator, James Pribram, to develop an all-new creative communications program and strategic media planning effort that will elevate, extend and amplify the organization’s messaging. Davis Elen employees will support the agency’s pro-bono work by participating in volunteer days, cleaning up California beaches.

“As a surfer and a lifelong lover of the ocean, I deeply respect the important work that James and ECO Warrior are undertaking,” said Moranville. “I’m thrilled to help expand on their mission by developing a campaign that will not only help keep our oceans and beaches clean and pollution free, but extend this vision across the entire environmental landscape – from our towns, cities and highways to our waterways, parks and mountains. The entire agency is excited to help them execute their vision.”

“The ECO Warrior Foundation is dedicated to motivating individuals of all ages to take action to help protect the world’s coastal environments,” said Pribram. “Working with an agency with the proven track record of Davis Elen is going to go a long way toward raising awareness and reaching our goals to educate people about ways they can help protect and preserve our natural environment.”

A Laguna Beach native, Pribram is a former professional surfer and active environmental leader. While teaching a surf lesson in the summer of 1997, he developed a staph infection and came close to death. This was the turning point in his life that led Pribram to direct his attention to the state of the world’s oceans. With a newfound sense of urgency, he initiated the ECO Warrior Project in 2006 with help from the ‘Surfer’s Path’ magazine. Pribram is perhaps best known for paddling out into the ‘Killing Cove’ in Taiji, Japan in 2007 to protest the killing of tens of thousands of dolphins and small whales. He is a John Kelly Environmental Award winner and was the recipient of the Laguna Beach Patriot’s Day Athlete of the Year Award. The ECO Warrior Project became an official 501(c)(3) non-profit in April 2014. Under his leadership, ECO Warrior has removed more than 17,000 pounds of litter in 44 cleanups worldwide.


Beach Clean Up at Aliso Beach

Please join the Eco Warrior Foundation and @chronictacos Saturday March 30th, 2019, 9am-Noon at Aliso Beach Park located in Laguna Beach. We will have free parking passes for all of our volunteers, courtesy of @ocparks, as well as waivers, bags and gloves for everyone. Chronic Tacos will be providing lunch our volunteers as a special thank you for doing your part!


Coastal Clean Up Day

Join us at Aliso Beach on September 15th, 9am-Noon for the beach clean up and then enjoy lunch provided by Chronic Tacos!


Another successful cleanup!

We love partnering with great organizations like the Ocean Conservancy and companies like Pacific Life Insurance celebrating 150 years of empowering success! We collaborated together last Saturday, April 28, 2018 to remove 71 pounds of litter with the help of 170 volunteers. We collected mostly small pieces of single use plastics and Styrofoam before it got into the sea life food chain. A special thank you to Orange County Parks for all you do and supporting our cause. Not to mention free all day parking for all of our volunteers. Wishing you all a great week ahead!!!


Actor Richard Burgi hosts fundraiser

The British Hair Company hosts Blue for the Ocean fundraiser for ECO-Warrior Foundation, Sat, March 31.

The British Hair Company announces that they will host an event, “Blue for the Ocean” on Sat, March 31, in support of The ECO-Warrior Foundation. The event will take place at The British Hair Company, located at 1493 S Coast Hwy.

Actor Richard Burgi will guest host. Aveda is passionate about the environment, but sadly realizes that our oceans are becoming more and more polluted and action needs to be taken. Living and working by the ocean is something they are grateful for daily.

The ECO-Warrior Foundation is dedicated to preserving our oceans and beaches through; education, activation and motivation, organizing beach clean ups, upstream clean ups.

The event will be a spectacular “Blue for the Ocean” theme, with great food, drinks, music and entertainment. Aveda will run an auction on the night of the event, both live and silent, and they would appreciate any donation items for the auction. The donation could be something physical or an experience.

A full list of auction and raffle Items will be updated soon, but so far, donations have been received from Gucci South Coast Plaza, Katharine Story, Aveda, The British Hair Company, Steve Adam Gallery, Yoga Works Laguna Beach and Pure Laguna Beach.

Aveda was the brain child of Horst Rechelbacher, who was not only a pioneer of holistic beauty, but also a champion of environmental responsibility. Aveda’s vision for this event is to raise the funding to access more schools, travel further afar and make a difference all along the coastlines and eventually worldwide.

Prices and times are: VIP Blow Dry Entry. 4:15 p.m., 5 p.m.or 5:45 p.m., $75 Donation Includes VIP Early Entry, VIP Blow Out, two raffle tickets & two cocktails (Note there are only 12 spaces available).

General Entry - 6:30 p.m., $35 ($30 in advance). Donation includes entry, two cocktails and two raffle tickets.

8:15 p.m. Live Auction, Silent Auction Results and Draw Raffle will take place at 8:15 p.m. with a 9 p.m. close.

Raffle Tickets on the night $5 each or six for $25, suggested donation for cocktails is $5.

Tickets are available now. To donate an auction item, contact Paul at either 949 497-8345 or email


More than 200 pounds of trash — mostly plastic — scooped up at Aliso Beach cleanup in Laguna

LAGUNA BEACH — ECO-Warrior’s first beach clean-up of the year, at Aliso Beach, took Richard Birt back 50 years.

The event, held Saturday, Jan. 27, reminded Birt of childhood summers when his father taught him to be aware of the environment and to do his part to keep the beach clean.


After activist’s complaints, area of Laguna beach stair improvements will be spruced up during construction


The ECO-Warrior Foundation is extremely proud to announce that it has come to an agreement with the City of Laguna Beach.

Regarding the Agate Street Beach staircase renovation project. Beginning with the removal of approximately forty or so, cement Lego Blocks. The process of removing these blocks will begin Wednesday morning; January 24, 2018 and may be put back at a later date. When they begin drilling if needed. In the time frame of two to three weeks, max.

Both sides worked diligently, professionally and in the end; it was because all parties were willing to compromise.

In finding a resolution that was beneficial for all while speeding up the process of getting this difficult project completed as well.

It truly was a team effort on all parts and we thank the City of Laguna Beach and especially city engineer Christina Templeton for working over time.

We look forward to once again working with the City of Laguna Beach and look forward to seeing all of you at our beach clean up this Saturday at Aliso Beach 9am-Noon.

Thank you again for all of your support and concern.


James Pribram

Founder of the ECO-Warrior Foundation


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Listen to our founder, James Pribram talk about ECO-Warrior Foundation recently on Cox OC Connection. 

There comes a point when raising awareness and caring have to be replaced with action
— James Pribram

THE ECO-WARRIOR FOUNDATION is a California and Federal non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving our oceans and beaches through education, activation and motivation.