There becomes a point when raising awareness and caring have to be replaced with ACTION... 

Pro Surfer Stops Sea Monster from Reaching Beach 

HUFFINGTONPOST.COM - Ocean Trash is a modern day, scientifically documented Sea Monster. The photos are not fuzzy. Anyone with a camera can capture images of this beast on any beach around the world. Most Ocean Trash is plastic that never biodegrades, and it is killing wildlife and poisoning our food chain when it is consumed by aquatic creatures.

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550 pounds of trash removed in upstream cleanup initiative

On Saturday November 21, 2015 the ECO-Warrior Foundation completed it's FIRST in a series of UPSTREAM CLEANUPS focusing on Sulfur Creek, Narco Channel, Laguna Niguel Lake and Aliso Creek.  

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Ready to get your hands dirty to help clean our beaches and oceans? Get involved by joining in one of our LOCAL ADOPT-A-BEACH CLEANUPS or ORGANIZE YOUR OWN - We will provide the gloves, bags, and smiles. Perfect for families, corporate team building, birthdays, and more.

Shot while professional surfer and activist James Pribram (The ECO-Warrior) was on board the 5 Gyres Institute's research expedition across the South Atlantic Ocean - the very first mission to explore this region for plastic pollution - Pribram explains why the cause is so important to everyone's health.

Through our eyes... Extensive photographic and video documentation of the trip, including a "protest" shoot of Pro Surfers Mary Osborne, James Pribram and Chuck Patterson stand-up paddling through a bayou in full Haz-Mat suits, has been designed to support the ongoing nature of the Gulf Alert media campaign.