We believe that educating individuals and communities, especially the younger generations, about ways they can help protect and preserve our natural environment is the key to ensuring preservation. Our Education program focuses on schools, clubs and corporations that wish to commit to fostering positive and lasting changes for our beach and ocean environments. Our program is designed around the ideals of our foundation’s mantra: EDUCATE, ACTIVATE, MOTIVATE.

  • Educate : Lecture
    Our founder, James Pribram, shares his experiences as an international environmental activist and local city government volunteer, as well as his own personal life experiences growing up on the California coast.
  • Activate : Beach Clean Up
    As a part of our education program, we ask students, parents and faculty members of our schools and clubs, as well as schools and businesses to join The ECO-Warrior Foundation in one of our Adopt-A-Beach® beach clean up events throughout the year. We feel that personal involvement and engaging in a beach clean up helps highlight the issues we are constantly battling and strengthens the resolve of our participants toward protecting and preserving our coastal environments.
  • Motivate : Essay Contest & Challenge
    Sustainability of our efforts toward protecting and preserving our coastal environments is our key to success. Our objective is to inspire others to take responsibility and action towards a long lasting preservation.  One of our strategies within our schools and youth clubs is to host essay and art contests asking participants to reflect on the lessons they’ve been taught about the environment and` express their own beliefs as to why it is so important to care for our oceans and beaches. We use a different approach for businesses and other clubs, encouraging them to sponsor a beach clean up, and challenge participants to motivate other local businesses and clubs to join in their efforts.