Spain 2007

Gijon, Spain is a place where the city meets the beach, where dirty streets and concrete building give way to the roar of the breaking North Atlantic. Unfortunately  for Gijon and its thriving surf community, development is threatening to wall off its waves forever. A new seawall is in the works; it would expand the city’s harbor and make it the largest port in Spain. It would also ruin almost all of the surf spots in town. Sadly, if this happens Gijon, a thriving metropolitan surf spot, will become just another dirty city. James Pribram traveled to Spain recently to hear the concerns of local surfers and to find out what can be to save Gijon’e waves.

There are so many kids surfing here; the beach culture is alive and well. And for many of these city kids, the waves are their escape, their only playground. Most of them don’t have access to after-school programs or organized sports. We can’t keep taking away the playgrounds of the world. For these kids, the waves of Gijon give them their only chance at living a normal life.
— James Pribram